Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday we found a beautiful little mountain town

Daddy taught Brynn how to throw the stick for Bodee...
This led to endless fun for both of them...
And even a very cold adventure into the lake to get the stick herself...
With great success and a sense of accomplishment! What would we do without Daddy's life lessons.
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You can't blame me for taking pictures of these faces all day!

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From ballarina to dirt...

Thanks to Auntie Amy, this is Brynn's new favorite outfit!

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Two Peas in a Pod

I hardly hear these two laughing harder than when they are playing together.

The best medicine to cure a cranky little girl is an adorable sister that's all smiles hugging on you and giggling. Neither of them have any defences against that one.
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More Fun Easter-ness

We thought Uncle Matt might get a kick out of this one. We miss you!!

After church-lunch-nap we went on an Easter egg hunt from one end of the park, through the stream (many times) to the other end of the park. There's nothing quite like finding a bunch of eggs filled with treats. Brynn stopped every time she found an egg to try to persuade us to let her eat the entire contents before moving on. Fortunately for her, daddy and Selah started finding some eggs, and her predictable, competative spirit kicked right in.

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Easter Sunday

Here are the girls enjoying the beautiful weather and our front yard tulips on Easter Sunday. Noni gave them these very special Easter dresses. These pictures are priceless!!

Brynn is just over 2 and Selah is 8 months old.
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